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M.M. Track Club

About the team.

Mission Statement: M.M. Track Club was founded in 1997 and is based in Flint, MI. The M.M. Track Club is devoted to developing Track & Field athletes in events ranging from the 60 meters up through the ultra-marathon distances as well as in all field events, with an emphasis on placing athletes at U.S. Championships. M.M. Track Club athletes take an active role in communities throughout Michigan to develop and influence future generations of athletes. M.M. Track Club plays a significant role in improving American Track & Field athletes and plans to do so throughout the foreseeable future. The Team’s mission is to: •Provide an opportunity for talented Track & Field athletes to train in an environment that will prepare them to compete on a Regional/National level. •Raise awareness of the sport of Track & Field through promotional and marketing activities. •Participate in related community outreach programs, such as clinics, camps, school programs and speaking appearances, in particular working with youth to inspire and motivate them toward healthy lifestyles and goal setting. The M.M Track Club provides a friendly, competitive, team-oriented environment to those who compete at the national, regional, and local levels. Financial support is provided to teams and individuals to compete at major events. The club promotes events in track and field, road racing, trail running, and cross-country. A structured training program is provided in the form of team practices under the guidance of experienced coaches. We compete at the national, regional, and local levels in cross-country, track and field, and trail running. MMTC provides a team-oriented, structured training environment for athletes of many abilities who train for everything from jumps and throws to sprints, road races, cross-country, and marathons.


flushing, michigan

Contact info.

Phone: 810-938-1261

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