Kipp charges to victory The Skyline sophomore edged Bingham's Kim Quinn for the Class 5-A individual title; Jordan wins team title
By Chhun Sun
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune Article Last Updated:10/19/2006 11:40:40 AM MDT

Nothing is ever certain. That sentiment rang true for Kim Quinn. Going into the Class 5-A girls' state cross country meet at Sugar House Park on Wednesday, the Bingham senior hoped to win in her classification and remain undefeated against in-state competition. It looked like it was going to happen until Skyline's Shayla Kipp crept up behind Quinn with about 50 meters left in the 3-mile race and edged her by two-tenths of a second, winning the individual state title. Kipp and Quinn finished in 18 minutes, 30 seconds, with Kipp just a step ahead.
I thought I had it, said Quinn, took the lead at the start of the race. It turned out that I didn't.

Even Kipp didn't expect it to be that close. I'm totally surprised, Kipp said. I was hoping to finish in the top five. Then it just came down to who wanted it more.

Though Kipp finished eighth in last year's state meet as a freshman, not many spectators and opposing coaches and runners knew about her. That's because, Skyline coach Tom Porter said, during track season she's a skier for the ski team - unlike most of the cross country runners who move on to track after the season. Yeah, she's been our little secret. . . . We expected her to finish somewhere in the top four, but once she got to the two-mile mark and she was with the lead pack, we knew she would have a tiny surge, he said. We had confidence then that she would finish the race stronger. And we knew she would have one good kick left in her.

Kipp wasn't the only surprise.
Note: Quinn earlier had won the BYU Autumn Classic with a time of 18:50 & defeated Kipp by 47 seconds. Candace Eddy won the prestigious Bob Firman Invitational in Idaho)

Junior Kacee Hildebrant of Lone Peak, who wasn't in the top 10 last year, finished about 13 seconds behind Quinn to place third. And Hildebrant's time was nearly nine seconds ahead of Davis sophomore Candace Eddy - who was in position to take the lead with about a mile left in the race until her asthma started affecting her. It was a disappointing day for Davis, in all.

The Darts - who were a heavy favorite going into the meet after beating the six-time state champion Fremont in last week's Region 1 final - finished 15 points behind the eventual state champion Jordan, which captured its first state title after finishing as the runner-up last year.

Mountain Crest took the Class 4-A title to repeat as champion. In the Class 3-A race, Judge Memorial senior Samantha McMillian finished well ahead of her competitors. Her time of 18:18.7 - which was about 40 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher, Ogden's Sarah Callister - was the fastest time of the day. Park City won its fifth straight 3-A title.
North Sevier won a back-to-back title by taking the Class 2-A team victory while Milford won the Class 1-A title.

Narrow victory
* Skyline sophomore Shayla Kipp made a final push with about 50 meters left to beat Bingham's Kim Quinn by two-tenths of a second to capture the 5-A individual state title.
* Jordan beat second-place Davis by 15 points to capture the school's first state title. Fremont, which went into the state meet with six consecutive titles, finished fifth.

Ward helps Davis end Mountain View's reign Charging hard By Maggie Thach
The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune Article Last Updated:10/19/2006 11:57:34 AM MDT * Skyline's Stephen Clark came from behind to beat Davis' Jared Ward and claimed the Class 5-A individual title.
* Park City's Luke Puskedra had the best time of the day, coming in at 15:43.9.
* Richfield was the only school that repeated from last year.
Eight, nine and 10.
Those numbers will stick out in Mountain View's Coulson Goodwin's mind until track season begins. Eighth is the the place he finished last year in the Class 5-A cross country state meet. If he had finished that high this year, he would have helped the Bruins easily defend their nine consecutive team titles. Instead, Mountain View finished 10 points shy of Davis, which took the crown with 105 points.

If it wasn't for a nagging left knee injury, on which he has had three surgeries, Coulson would have finished better than 39th. But nobody is putting the blame on Coulson. He just puts an enormous amount of pressure on himself.
My knee is supposed to get better after having surgery but it just gets worse, Goodwin said. I just feel like I've been letting everybody down. Not to sound cocky, but we're Mountain View. It's expected of us [to win].
A big part of Davis' run to the team title was Jared Ward's second-place finish. Ward looked like he would win up until the last 100 meters. That's when Skyline's Stephen Clark started to close the gap. He caught up to Ward with about 60 meters left and had a sizeble lead by the time he hit the finish line.
Ward led for most of the race but Clark made sure to stay within striking distance. When Clark finished, he didn't realize he beat Ward by as much as he did. Clark came in at 15:47 and Ward clocked in at 15:54.
I just tried to stick to Jared. He started pulling away from me in mile two, Clark said. With about 300 [meters] left, it looked like he was struggling. I decided it was time to go. When I passed him, I was just looking for his shadow but I never saw it.
It was the first time Clark beat Ward this year. Even though the two runners didn't know each other personally, they knew of each other and are often compared to one another.
I didn't really know him before but we've had this competition thing, Ward said. I knew he was behind me, It's a lot easier when you're drafting off someone because you're more relaxed.

Clark's finish wasn't the only come-from-behind victory. In the 2-A race, Manti's Daniel Howell beat the defending champ, North Summit's Jordan Snyder, by a little more than a second. Howell made up ground with 80 meters to go. He settled into a small lull and sprinted to beat Snyder to the finish line.
I almost didn't go for it for a minute, Howell said. He was quite a ways ahead of me but I just wanted to catch him.
Mountain Crest's Justen Hedin took the 4-A title with a time of 15:55. Park City's Luke Puskedra and Navajo Mountain's Javier Jim won the 3-A and 1-A races, respectively. Puskedra had the best time of the day, coming in at 15:43.  Around the two-mile mark, you start feeling a stomachache. Your legs get heavy, Puskedra said. I had butterflies the whole first mile. I just tried to keep my breathing.

Timpview took the 4-A team title and Cedar won its second team championship in four years. Richfield edged out Parowan, 66-68, by having all top five runners finish in the top 25 and Panguitch won the 1-A team title.

Girls' Cross Country Individual Results

5-A 3-Mile
1. Shayla Kipp Skyline 18:30.5
2. Kim Quinn Bingham 18:30.7
3. Kacee Hildebrant Lone Peak 18:43.0
4. Candace Eddy Davis 18:51.8;
5. Jessie Chugg Fremont 19:03.6
6. Kirsten Sly Spanish Fork 19:04.4
7. Natalie Haws Davis 19:05.1
8. Hannah Groom Timpa- nogos 19:19.8
9. Alexis Laws American Fork 19:20.1
10. Lacey Cramer Lone Peak 19:31.1
11. Stephanie Burt Jordan 19:32.0
12. Suzie Sorensen Timpanogos 19:33.4
13. Brooke Hodson Timpanogos 19:45.9
14. Alisa Sheffer Riverton 19:52.0
15. Marissa Floodman Alta 19:53.6
16. Arista Sommers American Fork 19:55.3
17. Steffi Minson Spanish Fork 19:56.3
18. Lexy Davis Jordan 19:58.5
19. Aimee Haertel Jordan 20:00.0
20. Angela Baker Weber 20:02.3.
Team Results - 1. Jordan; 2. Davis; 3. Timpanogos; 4. Spanish Fork; 5. Fremont; 6. Weber.

4-A 3-Mile
Individual Results -
1. Krystal Harper Orem 18:55.2
2. Macinze O'very Mountain Crest 19:22.6
3. Sarah Edwards Woods 19:28.6
4. Melissa Baird Payson 19:31.5
5. Stephanie Jense Timp- view 19:36.1
6. Samanta Peavler Timp- view 19:36.6
7. Kira Datwyler Mountain Crest 19:41.9
8. Joanna Blackburn Provo 19:45.4
9. Joanna Crowther Payson 19:48.8
10. Emma Saarel West 19:50.5
11. Ali Stephens East 19:54.0

Team Results - 1. Mountain Crest; 2. Timpview; 3. East; 4. Orem; 5. Provo; 6. Payson.

5-A 3-Mile
Individual Results
1. Stephen Clark Skyline 15:47.0
2. Jared Ward Davis 15:54.9
3. Nate Jewkes Bingham 16:05.1
4. Matt Reeves Timpanogos 16:07.3
5. Kyle McKenna Viewmont 16:14.2.
6. Ryan Barrus Bingham 16:15.8
7. Travis Fuller Mountain View 16:16.2
8. Macy Butterfield Riverton 16:16.4
9. Danny Barney Lone Peak 16:16.7
10. Seth Gutzwiller Davis 16:16.9
11. Oliver Williams Brighton 16:19.9
12. George Barlow Weber 16:22.4
13. Jordan Hughes Lone Peak 16:22.9
14. Jason Nance Viewmont 16:23.8
15. Stuart Roskelley Weber 16:30.6
16. Marcus Forbes Lone Peak 16:32.2
17. Trevor Sharp Riverton 16:35.7
18. Tyler Dove Weber 16:36.4
19. Ryan Stewart Alta 16:39.1
20. Morgan Empey Skyline 16:39.6.

Team Results - 1. Davis; 2. Mountain View; 3. Lone Peak; 4. Viewmont; 5. Weber; 6. Bingham.

4-A 3-Mile
Individual Results
1. Justin Hedin Mountain Crest 15:55.5
2. Spencer Gardner Springville 16:01.8
3. Chris Dorton Lehi 16:24.1
4. Kevin Dickey Mountain Crest 16:24.3
5. Adam Smith Provo 16:27.2
6. Austin Olsen Provo 16:31.1
7. Nathan Fletcher Timpview 16:31.8
8 Michael Devonas Timpview 16:34.0
9. Brya Willoughby Orem 16:35.0
10. Jason Hart Orem 16:35.9
11. Jason Palmer Orem 16:40.3
12. Krys Gardner Timpview 16:43.2
13. Zak Dymock Mountain Crest 16:45.9
14. Jason Fairchild Timpview 16:50.1
15. Colton McComb Murray 16:52.0
16. Chase Nelson Provo 16:54.8
17. Greg Daniels Box Elder 16:55.5
18. Devin Pierson Sky View 16:56.9
19. Darren Ott Orem 16:59.6
20. Brett Lechtenberg Roy 17:00.1

Team Results -
1. Timpview; 2. Mountain Crest; 3. Orem; 4. Provo; 5. Springville; 6. Woods Cross.