Manager Dave Dunham Provides Tips for Interested Athletes
Dave Dunham, 43, Bradford, MA, enters his second year as Manager for the Teva U.S. Mountain Running Junior Team. Under Dunham’s direction in 2006, the junior men had their best finish ever as a team (finishing 8th out of 17 teams) and a top performance by junior Andrew Benford who finished 12th overall. “We had a dedicated group of runners and it was a pleasure to be part of the U.S. contingent. The junior boys made me proud, not only racing at a high level, but also in the way they carried themselves as representatives of the United States.”
Although the USA did not field a junior women’s team in 2006, there are plans to send junior women in 2007.
Dunham has competed for the U.S. at seven World Mountain Running Trophy events finishing on the podium in 1993 as a silver medalist and as the top U.S. finisher six times. He has also been a manager of the men’s team. He is a race director for both mountain and snowshoe races and was the founder and organizer of the USATF New England Mountain Running Circuit for seven years (1996-2002). Diversified as an athlete, Dunham has also been on two 100km World Cup Teams, and a World Cup marathon team. He was an Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier in 1992 and 2000, and was a national 24-hour Rogaining Champion.   Dunham was the U.S. National Snowshoe champion in 2001 and runner-up in 2002. Although he has slowed in recent years, Dunham continues to compete as a master (40+) runner. In 2006 he Dunham competed in all of the National championships for USATF - MUT (Mountain Ultra Trail). He finished fourth (17th overall) at the Mountain championships, second (7th overall) at the Trail Marathon Championships, and fourth (13th overall) at the 50km trail championships.
“I look forward to bringing together talented and motivated young men and women and helping them to perform at their highest level at the 2007 World Trophy in Switzerland,” said Dunham. 
Notes on the type of runners I’m looking for:
I hope to find junior runners who are willing to take on the unique experience that is mountain running. This year’s race is and up and down course which favors runners who can ‘change gears.’ I’m hoping to find runners who excel at climbing, but can also quickly change speeds for the downhill portion. It is not unheard of for the pace per kilometer on the descent to be nearly twice as fast as the pace on the climb. It takes an athlete with both speed and mental toughness to be successful at this type of event. I also look for a runner who is mature and can handle the duty of representing the U.S. both on and off the course.
I’ve found that the best way to prepare for the World Trophy is to race and/or train on similar courses. This must be carefully weighed against the increased chance of injury as the downhill portion can be quite taxing. The junior men will run two loops of the 4.050 kilometer course, while the junior women run one loop of the course which climbs and descends 326 meters (1,075 feet) in Saillon/Ovronnaz, Switzerland, during the weekend of September 14-16, 2007. 
Qualifying procedures:
All interested runners must be U.S. citizens, between the ages of 16-19 (at least 16 in the year of competition and not yet 20), and current members of USATF. The junior team is selected based on submitted resumes. There are no qualifying races for juniors however races over similar terrain/topography are given highest ranking.

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For team consideration, the junior athlete:
  • Must have posted a 16:45 or better (junior men) and 19:30 or better (junior women) in a 5K road or cross country event. (Equivalent times – from an alternate race distance that translate to the aforementioned time criteria – will be considered for distances other than 5Km.) 
  • Must have experience running (in training and preferably racing) on courses similar to the event.
  • Must be mature, motivated, with a positive attitude to proudly represent the United States and sponsors internationally, under the rules of USATF and the event governing bodies.
  • A letter of recommendation from a coach, parent, or mentor-runner must accompany the athlete resume.
Resumes (including road, trail, track, and cross country results and current training info) will be accepted through July 15. Late breaking information and results can be added until July 31. Team members will be announced by August 1, 2007.
Nancy Hobbs (Manager, Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team): (719) 573-4133
Richard Bolt (Team Leader): (603) 494-6947
Dave Dunham (Team Manager – Juniors): (978) 474-9745
Ellen Miller (Team Manager - Women): (970) 389-5312
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