As a runner, I feel I have learned to adapt to the challenges that certain workouts present.Some are physically more intense and they are long, but they motivate me to put in the work. Oregon Drill may be painful, but the benefits it provides will only improve my overall performance.
This workout consists of running three separate paces: 50%, 85%, and 95%, and is run on a football field.  It begins with an easy pace jog from end zone to end zone.  Next, you begin 85% back to the opposite end zone.  Once there, you advance to the hard pace of about 95%. This workout is nice, because it teaches you the difference between paces, and how to run them evenly.  
Although the workout is hard, I have discovered that it has changed the way I run.  When I first started running the 3200 last season, I didn't know what I was doing, so I would never run the first mile at the correct pace.  After running the workout more however, I was able to learn that I have to go out at about 85%, and try to close at about 90%.  
As I look to break age group records this season, I know that I will have to work hard and be consistent when I do Oregon Drill.