Now that we are getting to the middle of the season everyone is starting to think about Varsity Finals. Throughout the season youth athletes are competing for the best times in our conference (VCYTC), which is made up of teams all over Ventura County. PR's are being set by many athletes every week and a select few will make it to Varsity Finals. Varsity finals is the last meet where the top nine performers in each event compete.  


Those who do not qualify for Varsity will run in a JV Finals meet.  Most people’s goals are to make it the Varsity, but JV is still no joke! JV has many talented kids all racing and working just as hard as those few who make it to Varsity. To qualify for the Varsity Championships you need to run under a certain time, jump a certain height or length or throw a certain distance. Every three years, the Varsity qualifying standard is changed.


The qualifying standard js decided by the average of the 6th best mark at the end of the year, for the past 3 years. The times for varsity have become dramatically more difficult over the past few years, with top times dropping. In 2011 the Youth Boys qualifying time for Varsity was 2:32 for a 800 meters, but now the qualifying time has dropped to 2:21. Youth track and runners are getting faster as a whole. For instance, the top 800 time in the whole VCYTC in 2004, would not qualify to run in the Varsity meet this year. 


JV, also known as Junior Varsity, still has many great athletes with many great performances and incredible times. These times years ago would have easily been a varsity qualifying time.  



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