The 2019 PDX to Coast High School Challenge

One Scholarship for a Team Registration is up for grabs.
To be considered you have two options:

-Follow us on instagram @youthrunner, dm "Team Entry" with your team name with the same.

Try to jump on it soon if interested but no later than the end of July.
It's limited to 50 teams.

It's coming up on August 23rd - 24th

Registration Info here


You've probably heard of the "Hood to Coast Relay" that starts up at Mt. Hood in Oregon and goes all the way down to Seaside at the Oregon coast. The organizers also host a relay for high school teams called the PDX to Coast High School Challenge. Itstarts in downtown Portland near the east side of the Hawthorne Bridge and ends up in Seaside on the beach. The relay is 130 miles total. If you've been looking for a team adventure or some bonding time before your cross country season starts this could be the answer.


They allow a maximum of twelve runners per team and no less than six runners. It works out so that each runner usually gets two or three separate legs to run throughout the relay. It starts out in the daylight as you leave Portland but soon enough you'll be reaching for the head lamps once it gets dark. But don't worry, there are thousands of runners doing the same thing. You'll be running along side teams that started earlier that morning from Mt. Hood.


Nightime may not be the only challenge though.


Each team usually has two vans to carry the runners with a coach or dad in the driver's seat. The first van will go ahead to the next check point and wait for your runner to come in. Then, a fresh runner from your van will take the hand off and keep going. That's where it could get skechy. Say you miscommunicate and the incoming runner can't find the van. You just lost time. So, there is more to running this "challenge" that just running.


The Olympia Slackers from 2017


Don't count on too much sleep.

You'll bring a blanket or a sleeping bag to cover up with in the van but your buddies are trying to do the same thing. You're missing your regular dinner so bring the snack bag and catch up on the food when you get to the finish line.


Hang out at the beach for the day.

High schooll teams start coming in as early as 9:00am for a few hours. Once you arrive you can find you hotel and get settled or just hang out on the beach until the awards ceremony at the end of the day.




Here's a video we found from the 2014 High School Challenge


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