Pre National Team Meet

Portland Meadows Track 5K


There were a number of ranked teams on hand at Portland Meadows on Saturday. The meet traditionally known as the Jim Danner Invitational was moved so it could act as a preview of the Nike Team Nationals to be held in a couple of months. With the weather overcast & cool the course was expected to be relatively fast & with the rains, which poured down only a few hours later, holding off the race proved to be literally a dry run for the upcoming races.

In terms of ranked teams the girl’s elite race was the strongest as it featured Carondelet (2nd in California) & Esperanza, 5th in California plus powerful Snohomish, which is ranked third in the Northwest. Eastlake, also from Washington, is also ranked & Sehome & South Eugene are ranked in their respective states. With the quality of teams it was to be expected that there would be some stellar individuals as well & the girls raced in a manner that reflected it. By the time the leaders had reached the rolling humps about three minutes into the race Carondelet’s Nicole Hood & Bellarmine’s Nicole Cochran had moved to the front slightly ahead of Annie Moore of Sehome. Kayla Evans also from Bellarmine trailed closely behind. A pack consisting of Sarah Olson of Boise, Sheree Shea of University City & Keena Kohl of Esperanza were five yards behind her & boding well for Carondelet in the team race their 2nd through 4th runners (Kelli Houser, Heather Cerney & Ashley Chavez) ran in their own pack just a bit further back. Claire Gallagher of Cherry Creek, Ellie Bonner of Snohomish, & Rebekah Bahra of Esperanza were just a bit further removed.

With the runners racing to the north side of the track Cochran & Hood moved into the lead & by the time they returned to the area near the start they had opened up a good ten yard lead. Kayla Evans led a pack of three at that point that included Sarah Olson & Keena Kohl. As they raced back to the northern part of the track & then in front of the stands both runners appeared to be making moves to test each other’s strength. Shortly before the hump-backs Hood assumed a lead, which she was able to lengthen a bit on the rollers. During the later stages of the race the California Comet widened the gap & was able to win with a stellar time of 17:56. Nicole Cochran finished 7 seconds behind for a fine 2nd while Kayla Evans drew away from her pursuers to claim 3rd. Sarah Olson placed 4th & Keena Kohl earned 5th. Of note was the effort of Annie Moore, who challenged the leaders as she always seem to do, placing an exhaus ted 19th & Alyssa O’ Connor, who placed 23rd after returning to the races after a severe injury in the Adidas Invitational last year.

In the team battle Carondelet earned the victory with their solid pack & Esperanza placed second. Cherry Creek took 3rd in a tight battle with Boise & Snohomish

The race for the guys’ elite individual title saw a pack of eight vie for the early lead. Included in that group were Jonathan Lafler of Tahoma as well as Shane Geiger of Camas & Mason McHenry of Sehome. It is a bit misleading to say they were leading as close behind was yet another large pack, which was barely separated from them. They covered the rollers & then moved to the north side of the track & there was numerous shifting in placement. At around the half-way point of the race Chris Goodman of Snohomish & Mac Fleet of Union City held a slight lead over Lafler but Cody Helbling of Lake City, Walter Schafer of Cherry Creek & Spencer Lynass of North Bend remained very much in contention.

Sweeping away from the original starting point they wound their way on the outside of the field along the track & then returned to the grand stand area with a fairly large pack still in contact. Racing toward the hump-backs Lafler & Charles White of Cherry Creek began to fight for the led & in the next half mile, which saw them return to the start, they pushed each other to gain a lead, which Lafler finally established just before beginning the last horse-shoe phase of the race. He won with a fine time of 15:26 & White placed 2nd ahead of Mac Fleet. Spenceer Lynass garnered 4th ahead of Elliott Jantzer of Phoenix, who had earlier won the Northwest Classic in Eugene. Cody Helbling finished 6th ahead of Walter Schafer of Cherry Creek & Michael Briggs of Jackson. Shane Geiger placed 9th & Leo Castillo of Hood River took 10th.

By ranking the Snohomish boys were the top team in the Northwest but by coming in 4th & those rankings will change as Lake City & Mt. Spokane (currently 7-8 in NW) defeated them. Seattle Prep, which was unanked, scored the victory beating Cherry Creek by a 10 point margin. Tahoma was a solid third while South Eugene placed 4th.

As noted this is to be a prelude for the later National meet but the course will be very different. Hood, who had placed 2nd to Shannon Murakmi last year in the Danner, was the first female to break 18 minutes on the course, but it is usually run in a quagmire, so the time can not really be compared in spite of the fact that it was a quality effort.

Boys Elite Team Results

1 Jonathan Lafler Tahoma 15:26.55

2 Charles White Cherry Creek 15:29.50

3 Mac Fleet University City 15:32.60

4 Spenser Lynass North Bend 15:40.30

5 Elliott Jantzer Phoenix 15:41.75

6 Cody Helbling Lake City 15:42.65

7 Walter Schafer Cherry Creek 15:46.05

8 Mitchell Briggs Henry Jackson 15:48.70

9 Shane Geiger Camas 15:57.90

10 Leo Castillo Hood River 16:04.20

11 Eric Fitzpatrick Boise 16:08.55

12 Charlie McDonald Seattle Preparatory 16:09.10

13 Drew O'Donoghue-McDonald Seattle Preparatory 16:10.70

14 Eamonn Kerr-Daly South Eugene 16:11.20

15 Allan Schroeder Mt Spokane 16:12.80

16 Michael Tran Mountlake Terrace 16:13.45

17 Sammy Kirtner South Eugene 16:13.80

18 Chris Goodman Snohomish 16:15.70

19 John Coyle Lake City 16:16.15

Boys Elite Team Results

1 Seattle Preparatory 100

2 Cherry Creek 119

3 Tahoma 136

4 South Eugene 168

5 Lake City 187

6 Sehome 188

7 Snohomish 199

8 Henry Jackson 200

9 Boise 209

10 Mt Spokane 215

11 Poly/Long Beach 223

12 North Bend 230

13 Camas 239

14 University City 296

15 Walnut Grove BC 440

Girls Elite Individual Results

1 Nicole Hood Carondelet 17:56.45

2 Nicole Cochran Bellarmine Prep 18:03.95

3 Kayla Evans Bellarmine Prep 18:22.30

4 Sarah Olson Boise 18:35.00

5 Keena Kohl Esperanza 18:35.65

6 Sheree Shea University City 18:37.30

7 Ellie Bonner Snohomish 18:41.45

8 Teeny Adams Esperanza 18:41.70

9 Kelli Houser Carondelet 18:43.65

10 Rebekah Bahra Esperanza 18:44.20

11 Clare Gallagher Cherry Creek 18:49.40

12 Heather Cerney Carondelet 18:56.75

13 Laura Sauvage Seattle Preparatory 18:57.30

14 Lauren Johnson Cherry Creek 18:59.65

15 Ashley Chavez Carondelet 19:04.35

16 Audrey Botti Sunset 19:06.60

17 Jordan Englehardt Bishop Kelly 19:07.10

18 Anne Lovelace Boise 19:07.75

19 Annie Moore Sehome 19:08.60

20 Codi Gifford Bishop Kelly 19:08.95

21 Hannah Mittelstaedt Tahoma 19:09.75

22 Jillian Altizer Newport 19:14.60

23 Alyssa O'Connor Summit 19:16.70

Girls Elite Team Results

1 Carondelet 69

2 Esperanza 91

3 Cherry Creek 181

4 Boise 191

5 Snohomish 192

6 Eastlake 203

7 Bishop Kelly 243

8 Seattle Preparatory 256

9 Summit 281

10 Bellarmine Prep 302

11 University City 313

12 Tahoma 317

13 Poly/Long Beach 331

14 South Eugene 338

15 Ashland 397

16 Sunset 404

17 Sehome 438

18 Curtis 469