Mt SAC Invitational
10/20/06  Photos

Mt. SAC was touted as the 'largest cross country race on the globe' recently by Runners World & over 18,000 showed up the last two days to run & prove it. Marie Lawrence won the girls Super Sweepstakes with an excellent time of 16:50 on a hot day. She defeated a strong field that included Lauren Saylor, Shannon Murakami & Lindsay Prescott along with former Alaskan champion Crystal Pitney of Fairbanks. Defending Footlocker champion Jordan Hasay had the 3rd best time on the day as she won the girls' invitational with a time of 17:17. Saugus won the team title in a very close contest with Torrey Pines & Buchanan, who tied for 2nd with 103 (TP winning on the 6th runner tie-breaker).

In the boys race Chad Hall won the much anticipated match up with Mike Cybulski & Matt Tebo. He defeated Cybulski by 10 seconds & Tebo by 19 seconds. Hall's time of 14::35 tied his older brother Ryan with the 8th fastest time ever on the course. Diego Mercado set the course record of 14:24 last year. The team title went to Royal by a score of 95 to 113 over Trabuco Hills.

Notes & quotes from the races.
Hall, Cybulski & Tebo had a tight race coming down to switch back
Chad : I started going up & I was feeling pretty good. Once I got to the top I was feeling a little bit tired & Mike pulled away from me a little bit. Coming back down I started feeling pretty good & I think I broke away a bit at that point. As he approached the cross-over he was 5 meters ahead & then on poop-out (hill) you increased that lead to 10 meters. So you looked to see what separation you could get?
I was going for a fast time & I came through the first mile in 4:40, so I knew that the second mile was going to have to be pretty fast . I started going after it a little bit. I would have liked to have gotten a record but it was a hot day.
Well you come from a cool climate although at altitude. How did you feel after 3 tough hills & you were trying to push it? I was feeling kind of tired & Mike was coming up behind me, so I was just trying to push hard & hold him off until the end.

Mike what were you thinking towards the end as you were behind? I was trying to catch him on the uphill, which I kind of did but on the downhill I kind of struggled again.

What did you feel like coming into the Super Sweeps - that kind of a race? I thought it was really cool - great competition - stuff like that And then bringing it all together & then kind of separate: it's kind of cool.

On a hot day I would say that 35 seconds is kind of tight because of what you had to go through?
Lauren Saylor: Every year I try to remain in control up the hills. A lot of people go out hard & end up ruining their races so I try to stay conservative & then push through the end of the race. What does it mean coming down the long downhill? I have kind of long legs so I kind of let it all go & pound down that hill. I actually like that part a lot
Shannon Murakami: You've run this race so many times. What type of thoughts go through your mind? Just come out here & do the best that you can. Go up every hill hard & try to bring it back down hard.
Lindsay Prescott: Just run your raise & run hard.
Katy Andrews: Well the heat really gets to you. You just have to push through it. After the hills by then you're really tired & even that last little incline is a hill to you.

Jordan Hasay: (You looked pretty comfortable coming to the finish) I was just trying to run my own race & just stay in the back with the heat. ....... Once you crest the hill you have a long down hill so you just try & push it Jordan you took the lead right away &, when you came to the cross-over you'd stretched it to 20 meters over Elly. Were you are of your opponents? I was listening to them but I was trying to run my own race. (I am sure you want to win another Footlocker championship: Yes Laughs
Stephanie Phoenix: How'd you feel now being one of the top athletes? I'm excited & I've worked really hard & it's starting to pay off I just want to make it to state because I didn't make it last season but I'm mostly excited by this season.
Ellie Keene: (Were you surprised to be where you were or were you planning to be in the thick of things?)
Well I really had a place goal but I just wanted to get into the lead pack

Girls Super Sweeps Individual Girls Super Sweeps Team
1 Marie Lawrence Reno 16:50 1 Saugus 100
2 Lauren Saylor Buchanan 17:10 2 Torrey Pines 103
3 Shannon Murakami Saugus 17:34 3 Buchanan 103
4 Lindsay Prescott O' Connor 17:37 4 O' Connor 119
5 Katy Andrews La Costa 17:46 5 Ayala 145
6 Christy Adamyk Glendora 17:53 6 Dana Hills 174
7 Lauren Chetelet Davis 18:03 7 Warren 185
8 Anna Prim Torrey Pines 18:11 8 Murrieta Valley 186
9 Anna Sanchez Glendora 18:23 9 Davis 188
10 Camilla Sanchez O' Connor 18:31 10 Reno 217
11 Cathryn Saylor Buchanan 18:36 11 Glendora 244

Girls High School Invitational Girls Team
1 Jordan Hasay Mission Prep 17:17 1 Edison 119
2 Ellie Keene Rancho Buena Vista 17:25 2 Corona 125
3 Stephanie Phoenix La Mirada 17:27 3 Carlmont 163
4 Anna Sperry Simi Valley 17:31 4 Simi Valley 170
5 Jacquie Taylor Casa Grande 17:37 5 Capistrano 175
6 Jenina Emery University 17:42
7 Caitlin Fitzgerald Highland 17:55
8 Doebel-Hickock Palisades 17:56
9 Hillary Hayes Edison 18:00
10 Crystal Pitney West Valley (Fairbanks) 18:01

Boys Super Sweepstakes Boys Sweepstakes Team
1 Chad Hall Big Bear 14:35 1 Royal Simi Valley 95
2 Michael Cybulski Royal 14:45 2 Trabuco Hills 113
3 Matt Tebo Eldorado 14:54 3 Madera 129
4 J T Sullivan Trabuco Hills 14:58 4 El Toro 150
5 Spencer Knight La Sierra 14:59 5 Arcadia 151
6 Luis Guevara El Rancho 15:00 6 Upland 178
7 Dylan Knight La Sierra 15:04 7 La Sierra 186
8 Eric Avila Bonita Vista 15:07 8 Dana Hills 191
9 Riley Sullivan Trabuco Hills 15:10 9 Davis 208
10 Andrew Pilavjian Arcadia 15:11 10 El Chino 209