Ask Coach Mick

About Maximum Running Distances for 9-10 Year-Old Boys

Dear Mick,

What is the maximun recommended running distance for 9 and 10 year-old boys? Both my boys have run 5K races. They are wanting to move up to 10K. They are good runners and quite athletic. Would this move be OK, or should we keep them to the 5K? Thanks,


Phil Nienhuis

Dear Phil,

I feel that an infrequent 5k for fun is OK, but I don't recommend the distance. Definitely not 10k. I would rather see kids work on speed and gradual improvement in form and strength. Please see other similar topics we have covered. Always look long term, where are the boys headed? They will need speed!

Kids this age do best at racing the 100-800m races. They should experiment to find the best distances for themselves.

Best wishes, Coach Mick