Justin Torre of Maywood and his Hackensack/New Jersey Striders Track Team.


Justin Torre of Maywood, along with his Hackensack/New Jersey Striders Track Team teammates, won the Unites States Track and Field (USATF) Junior Olympic State Championship Gold Medal in the 4x100m Relay Race on June 8 in Overpeck Park.

Torre is in the fourth grade at Maywood Avenue School in Maywood.

"We are completely thrilled and delighted for Justin. We are very happy for him to experience success such as this because it should contribute as a positive factor on his confidence and self-esteem," said his father, Joseph Torre. "The effort and work ethic that he constantly demonstrates, and that aspect of his personality alone is enough to have us bursting with pride. The gold medal is a bonus for us."

This is Torre’s first year running track. His parents say they hoped track would help teach him good running form and result in some better conditioning that could then transfer as an advantage in other sports such as soccer and basketball.

"Never did we imagine that our new venture even had the remote possibility of resulting in competing in the Junior Olympics, no less a gold medal," said his father. "Apparently, Justin has some natural God-given talent and potential for succeeding in track. Not only did the relay team win gold, but Justin also qualified to move onto the North East Regional Meet for the individual 400m race."

Torre said his favorite part of the sport is making new friends and traveling to the meets in different towns. After winning the medal, he explained being part of the team made him feel, "great and was so much fun."

Torre enjoys playing sports and video games along with reading, playing cards with his twin brother, Jeremy, helping his mother with dinner and spending time working on artwork. He currently has a piece of art on display in the Maywood Public Library in the children’s section.

Next up for his team is the USATF Junior Olympic Regional Championship Meet taking place on July 5 through July 7 in Jamestown, N.Y.


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