Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn!

I had some great and challenging workouts this week and off from competition this weekend but watching my little brother compete in the AAU Primary Championships in Orlando, FL.


Day 1:


I started off the week of training on Monday, with a long run for about 45 minutes. It was very hot out and it was tough, but I still managed to push through.  My dad had me run in those conditions so I can work on focusing and relaxing in the heat.

Finished up with some hill runs for strength work.



Day 2:


On Tuesday, I started off with 4x 1000m runs. I was a little tired from the day before but was ready to push myself. The goal was to run at a pace just past uncomfortable, which would’ve been around 4 minutes. I pushed myself a little harder with running 3:43, 3:42, 3:48 and 3:50. Completing all with 2 minute rest in between. I’m still working on not going out to fast and running more balanced.

Finished up with 200s to work on my 800m pace.



Day 3: 


On Wednesday, I was able to train with runners from the Eagle Elite Track Club. We had 2 sets of 3x 400s. First set was with 1 minute rest and running at 800m pace. I went 1:13, 1:15 and 1:14. On these runs, I really wanted to focus on breathing and staying relaxed because of the heat.

The next set was with 5 minute rest in between each. I ran these faster than expected, 1:09, 1:09 and 1:07. 


Great having running partners because we are able to push each other and compete.

I’ve been working hard this year with being comfortable with going fast. This is a really good for the future years. I’m also learning that you have to be consistent each and every time out and on everything you do to really get better. 

Always give 100%, listen to your coaches to learn and keep a positive attitude.



Day 4:

On my last day of training, I did a 6 mile run. This time I did it in the morning when it wasn’t as hot, and my run was 43 minutes total. Definitely improved from Monday, and I felt stronger running.


AAU Club Championship:


I start competition next Tuesday at the Club Championship. It’s always very competitive and challenging meet. The heat and humidity also adds some challenges. This will be my third year in a row competing and looking forward to it again. I’ve medaled a total of 5 times with 3 championships here, so I’m hoping to continue to be competitive. 


AAU Primary National Championship

With arriving to Orlando early, I got a chance to watch some young great runners compete! It was exciting and great to see how fast and strong everyone was that ran. You can see that all of them work so hard.

My little brother Cade, finished 2nd in the 1500m and 3rd in the Sprint Medley Relay.

Two great 1500m runners from the Texas Thunder! Lillian Spivey won the 1500m and ran strong competitive race! Liz Thimmig Brasi finished 4th.

With Jonae Ellinger is only in the 5u division and competes well with older kids. She had a couple top finishes.

With my brother and Stacy and Edmund Mcallister from the Ohio Heat. Stacy won National Championships in the 55m, 100m and 200m!

With some of the True Buzz Track Club. They all did so great and worked strong as team.