hspace=3It starts with two police motorcycles charging down the closed off Bolyston street in downtown Boston with their sirens blaring- then came the kids.

On saturday several different relay teams lined up across the downtown street, then would race down 150 meters, turn around the cone at the end, then run on back home to their team for the handoff, trying not to drop the baton. ...which did happen a few times.

Races split up into the under 10 years old division, 11-12, and 13-14 year olds. With five different mixed relays full of all ages of boys and girls. In the last mixed relay, the Adidas elite athletes including Todd WIlliams and Amy Rudolph joined the race with the kids. They showed the full possibilities of how crazy running can be, throwing out playful elbows to each other during their leg of the relay.  It all ended well with lunch and autographs with the pros, and some well deserved medals. To say the least, this has got to be the wildest and most entertaining event Boston will see all week.