Every year, at the start of the season, Tigres athletes will make personal goals for the upcoming season.

These goals will usually seem like a stretch when they are first made, but are often times passed by at the end of the season. Every meet and weekend these athletes will run faster than the previous week, and new goals will be set.  For example, one of our sprinters, Henry Haffner’s goal at the start of the season was to break 70 seconds in the 400 meters.  We are only a little more than halfway through our season and not only has he surpassed his goal of 70 seconds, but he has now also broken the 60 second barrier!  He ran 58.6, but is still not satisfied!  He now wants to get under the Varsity mark of 58.4, at the start of the year he was just hoping to break 70 seconds, and now he isn’t even satisfied with breaking 60 seconds!?  

Can you believe that?  

I’m am also willing to bet that once he gets under the Varsity qualifying time, he will set a new faster goal!

I personally always feel that after a race there was something I could have done better, a surge I could’ve made, or maybe a point where I could’ve pushed harder.  I may feel as if I had a good race, but I am usually not satisfied with everything that happened in the race.  I may go into a race with certain expectations, but will end the race disappointed even if I blew by my personal goal for that race if I felt I could’ve run harder.  

Goals throughout the season will change, and expectations will grow as the athletes run faster.