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Speed Capital T.C. Invitational




Speed Capital Invitational Overview:


Speed Capital Track Commission is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in Tampa, FL and founded by Luke Robinson and Jonathan Terry. The organization’s primary objective is to create a premiere Florida based invitational where athletes across the country can showcase their talents. Simultaneously, it aims to put a definitive end to an age ole debate by identifying which state can claim Speed Capital, USA. In addition to the traditional scoring method where individual athletes are awarded points towards a team total, points will also be tallied by state to identify which one boasts the best track and field athletes for that particular year.


Additionally, the organization is committed to creating a social media platform that provides both domestic and international exposure to all participating clubs, coaches, and athletes. Presently, Speed Capital TC’s Facebook page averages roughly 53K views monthly in 35 states and 10 countries. The organization anticipates reaching 10K followers and averaging closer to 125K views monthly by July of 2019; this will essentially make headliners of the invitational household names.  


The inaugural invitational will be held at Showalter Stadium in Winter Park, FL on May 9th and 10th 2020. The event will include all traditional field and running events up to the 3000M run. Scoring will be traditional with the exception of the “State vs. State” addition; the collective scores from all teams in each respective state will be tallied to identify which state wins the overall title and bragging rights for 2020!




Individual participants will be awarded based on their performance in their respective events; completing an event with a top 3 mark will result in the awarding of a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. Points will be awarded based on the type of medal earned; 10 points for Gold, 8 points for Silver, 6 points for bronze, etc…These points will be tallied and a meet MVP  will be awarded for each age group, those winner will receive the “Speed Capital Invitational MVP.” 


Team points will be awarded based on the collective points earned by individual representatives from each club. At the conclusion of the invitational, all points will be computed to determine which team earned the highest marks; that winning team will be awarded the “Speed Capital Invitational Team MVP”. The Team MVP will receive a monetary donation in the mount of $3,000.00USD to aid in their AAU Junior Olympic fundraising endeavors; funds will be made out to the organization directly. 


State points will be awarded based on the collective points earned by each club from the respective states. At the conclusion of the event, team points will be computed to determine which state produced the highest amount of points; an athlete from that winning state will be awarded the “Speed Capital State Championship”. All rising or graduating seniors from the winning state may apply for the $3,000.00USD Speed Capital Scholarship by completing an online application and submitting a 1000 word essay outlining their educational and career ambitions. Our board of trustees will review each submission and select a winner. All funds will be paid directly to the college or university of choice on behalf of the award recipient.


Filming, Food, & Photography:


The invitational will be professionally recorded and photographed by representatives from the Art Institute of Tampa; all individual events will be recorded for reproduction. These videos and images will be made accessible via Speed Capital T. C.’s website, social media platforms, and YouTube Channel. In the near future, live internet streaming will be available to allow live web viewing for family and friends who could not make the journey to Florida.


The International Culinary School at the Art institute of Tampa will provide catered “VIP Tents” for teams with 65 or more participants. Athletes and coaches will have access to a specialized menu prepared by professional chefs (menu details will be made available online), a fully equipped hydration station to combat the heat, along with servers to tend to their requests.


Traditional concessions will be available to spectators in “ball park” fashion; servers will walk the stands with refreshments, as well as, hot and cold meal items. Local food trucks will also be available.


Please email ARobinson@SpeedCapitalTC.com for more information or to RSVP for the invitational.



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Showwalter Stadium, Winter Park, FL, US

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