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What is a tempo run?

Answered By Coach Bob Williams


What is a tempo run and how does it help my training?


A “tempo” run is a run of anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes that is run, after the warmup, at an effort that builds up the lactate in your body and carried for the entire 20 minutes. On a Perceive Effort Scale from 1 ( walking) to 5-6-7 faster than easy running pace, you begin to feel tired after about 15 minutes but you can carry that effort for 5 more minutes. These tempo runs make you feel great and you get better at becoming psychologically tougher. These tempo runs could be done in 5 minute segments ( 4 x 5 min) or up to one, 20 minute run. These tempo runs allow the body to get better at running closer to your top oxygen power - or your body’s engine.

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