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I want to break 5min for the 1600

Answered By Random Question Central


I want to break the 5 minute barrier this year for the 1600 in track. I would like to start incorporating swimming or other activities into my training to enhance my training. However, with workouts 3 times per week and 50 miles per week, I am worried I might over due myself. What days are best to do a second workout and what would that be? I would swim in the morning but is it better to do so on an easy run day or a hard run day? Thanks! Larissa


Larissa, can you tell me a little more about yourself? Current pr's, age, what your training has looked like in the past? Three hard workouts a week on top of 50 miles is quite a bit. As far as cross training/swimming goes, I would say it is very important to make sure you recovery on your recovery days. So I wouldn't add any another "workout" onto an easy day. Please send me back some more information!

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