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How shall I train between xc and outdoor track?

Answered By Jordan Schillit


What did you do for training after cross was over until outdoor started?


In high school I typically took a couple weeks off to rest in between seasons... then it was some light cross training with very easy running... then I incorporated speed workouts gradually back into my training... Didn't want to jump back into fast workouts too quickly since the key meets were in April/May (or June for those going onto outdoor nationals). In Florida, we didn't have indoors. That 3rd season each year was a bit of a shock to me in college and probably was the reason why I got injured more often... tried to peak too many times each year... Having two seasons emphasizes listening to your body... three seasons is sometimes a bit risky; it encourages runners to bump up mileage and workouts without thinking long-term, I think.

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